2 Rolls

2 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine

The 2 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine is the best you can find on the market in the context of mass production of parts roll-bent from thinner sheet. The machine has a high molecular density urethane coated lower roll and a steel top roll that acts as a mandrel. The principle of imparting a curvature, which is obtained by the design of the machine, allows closing pieces with very small diameters. It also provides many advantages over conventional methods of bending as the complete roll-bending of a part in a single pass, with perfect roundness and in record time. To obtain larger diameters, you only have to put on the top roll a tubular mandrel that changes the imprint contact arc and therefore the diameter of the piece that you want to obtain. The 2 rolls plate bending machine excels in series production. In fact, once adjusted, the rolls’ pressure will achieve a particular piece and it doesn’t require any more adjustments: the hydraulic system makes it possible to return to the same position after each bend, this reducing downtime. Holes and cut-outs in the blank do not disturb the perfect roll-bending of the finished product.

No deterioration of the finish on part surface
Since a urethane coated roll is used, you can bend sheets of plished aluminum alloy or stainless steel without their surfaces becoming deteriorated.

Reduced straight part at the extremity
Using the maximum pressure between the 2 rolls, you can obtain perfectly parallel seams with no flats at all.

The 2 Rolls models are avilable in ranges from 500m to 2000mm of length and from 0,4mm to 2,5mm of thickness.